Working for better consideration of waste in national and international bodies

The issue of waste management and treatment, and of household waste in particular, is a relatively recent one on the international stage. Having long taken a back seat to the inevitable emergencies that arise in relation to sanitation and access to drinking water, the topic is at last being addressed at an appropriate level. Since the Paris Agreement of 2015, Syctom has constantly been drawing attention to the role played by essential services in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Helping to increase knowledge

In 2019, Syctom took part in the French Initiative for Essential Services Internationally (IFSEI) to compile the catalogue of French structures capable of delivering services in the fields of sanitation and waste treatment worldwide. In 2019 and 2020, it also helped draft two international collective works: a white paper entitled 'Urban sanitation and waste management for all' published in connection with the G20 summit, and Intersecting, which brings together insights from experts on urban infrastructure, including Syctom, with a special focus on times of crisis.

Action with an international scope

Syctom is a member of the French Water Partnership, to which it contributes vital synergies between water and waste treatment. It was also a contributor at the 2018 World Water Forum in Brasilia, and a signatory to the International Water Association (IWA) Principles.

Syctom helped to develop France's SDG roadmap. In addition, it has engaged in advocacy as part of the French delegation to the high-level political forum organised by the UN in 2018 and 2019.

COP events also offer an opportunity to raise awareness of the progress we have made in research and development.